DPVA Weekly Top 5 for October 4, 2011

  1. New DPVA Web Video – A jobs Governor?
    DPVA released a new web video urging Governor McDonnell to get results to match his rhetoric on jobs. In August Virginia’s unemployment rate increased for the second straight month while the national rate declined, and the percentage of Virginia’s population that had a job was lower than when Bob McDonnell took office. To watch the new video click here. To read a message from DPVA Chair Brian Moran about the importance of holding Bob McDonnell accountable on jobs click here.
  2. Frank Wolf Rips Grover Norquist and His Anti-Tax “Pledge”
    Republican Rep. Frank Wolf took to the floor of the House of Representatives and went off on right-winger Grover Norquist and his pledge binding signers from raising taxes for any reason. Wolf accused Norquist of blocking real tax reform and listed a number of complaints Norquist himself including his association with jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Read more about this, click here. To read more about Frank Wolf’s anti-Norquist tirade click here.
  3. Tea Party Senate candidate Garrett attacks Lynchburg
    Last week the Lynchburg News & Advance called out right-wing Republican Senate candidate Tom Garrett’s recent tirade against the city of Lynchburg, urging him to spend a little time in the city and get to know it better. Garrett went after the city for tax increases that are the result of unfunded mandates from Richmond and supposed “plywood on Main Street,” a charge to which the Lynchburg paper took particularly offense. To read more about Tom Garrett’s attack on a community that he is running to represent, click here.
  4. Bob “Surplusterisk” McDonnell tells state agencies to brace for cuts
    Governor Bob McDonnell, fresh of his summer celebration of his fake budget surplus, told state agencies to send him a range of proposals to cut their budgets for yet another year. To read more about Bob McDonnell’s ever diminishing surplus myth click here.
  5. McDonnell and Cuccinelli’s invasive politics
    Richmond’s Style Weekly magazine ran a great column last week by a VCU student examining the crushing hypocrisy demonstrated by self-styled “small government conservatives” like Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli, who make careers out of getting government out of people’s lives unless those people are women or members of the LGBT community. To read more about McDonnell and Cuccinelli’s continued big government moral crusading, click here.