Help Marsden and Evans

The General Elections of November 3rd have triggered two special elections in Fairfax:

  1. Dave Marsden for State Senator 37th District [election of Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37th) for Attorney General; special election January 12, 2010, and
  2. Sandy Evans for Mason District School Board [electon of Mason District School Board Member Kaye Kory to the House of Delegates (D-38th)]; special election date TBA.

We need Democratic volunteers from every Northern Virginia jurisdiction to help with these two special elections, from Alexandria to Loudon, Prince William to Falls Church.


The GOP Right-Wing Opponents

37th District Republican opponent, Steve Hunt (, a former member of the Fairfax County School Board.

From The New Dominion ProjectYou might remember him having a holy meltdown about homosexuality, urging teachers to invite “ex-gay” speakers. On his old School Board campaign website was a copy of his 2005 speech to the board about Fairfax’s Family Life Education program (better known as “sex ed”) in which he rambled on about how he lost his virginity and the traumatic emotional drama that ensued. The Google cache of his full speech is still up. He and his wife live in the western part of the district.

Mason District School Board Republican endorsed opponent, Samantha Vanterpool Rucker, GOP activist, who has served as an Assistant Attorney General under Bob McDonnell (who is fundraising for her), is also past Fairfax County Republican Chair for Mason, and a 2006 Jennifer Byler Institute alumnus (Republican Women’s Leadership training). A conservative Republican contributor, she has been a member of the Commonwealth Republican Women, and actively worked against the election of President Obama. Most recently she spoke at a White House Tea Party Protest alongside other Republican extremists. Rucker has the full-fledged support of the entire Fairfax County Republican Committee.