Obama voters crucial for Democratic victory in mid-term election

cross-posted from Annandale VA 9.13.2010

crab-feast-092010Democratic leaders and party members turned out in full force Saturday evening for the Mason District Crab Feast, an annual backyard fundraising event featuring barrels full of blue crabs. Party leaders sought to energize Fairfax County Democratic activists to work hard to get out the vote in November. Both Reps. Gerry Connolly (11th District, which includes Annandale) and Rep. Jim Moran (8th District) are up for re-election. The event was organized by Mason District Democrats under the leadership of chair Rachel Rifkind.

The mid-term elections could be challenging for Democratic candidates, so turnout is crucial. “We need to turn out the same people who voted for Obama two years ago,” Connolly says.

“We know people are angry. They want leadership,” Sen. Jim Webb told the audience. “We need to demonstrate that leadership comes from the Democratic party.”

“The failed policies of the Bush Administration led to the economic crash in 2008, which President Obama inherited,” Webb says. “We have tried to repair the economic system of the country. We’ve been met with obstructionism [from the Republicans] at every step.”

“Two years ago, the Republicans gave this country the worst president in American history,” added Moran. Noting that Obama is restoring the economy and the nation’s reputation abroad, Moran says, if Obama is to succeed, “we have to be just as committed to his agenda as he is.” It’s crucial to keep the Democratic majority in Congress, he says. “Complacency is our real enemy. . . . We need to get out and knock on doors and maximize the turnout.”

Among the Democratic leaders in attendance were Sen. Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (35th District, which includes Annandale), Del. Kaye Kory (38th District, representing Annandale), Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple (38th), House of Delegates Minority Leader Ward Armstrong (10th), Del. Vivian Watts (39th), Del. Mark Sickles (43rd), Mason Supervisor Penny Gross, Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova, former board of supervisors chair Kate Hanley, school board members Sandy Evans (Mason District) and Ilryong Moon (at-large), and Terry McAuliffe, former chair of the Democratic National Committee.