Sandy Evans for School Board – Mason District

The General Election of November 3rd and the election of Kaye Kory to the House of Delegates has triggered a special election in Mason District. Updated January 22, 2010: the date of the election has been set for March 2nd, 2010.

Sandy Evans for Mason District School Board
We need Democratic volunteers from all across Mason District to help Sandy work for our schools and our children.

To volunteer to help Sandy Evans for the Mason District School Board race (, please contact Kim Smith (, 703.624.1182).

The Right Wing GOP Opponent

Tea Partier: Samantha Vanterpool Rucker

Mason District School Board Republican endorsed opponent, Samantha Vanterpool Rucker, GOP activist, who has served as an Assistant Attorney General under Bob McDonnell (who is fundraising for her), is also the past Fairfax County Republican Chair for Mason, and a 2006 Jennifer Byler Institute alumnus (Republican Women’s Leadership training). A conservative Republican contributor, she has been a member of the Commonwealth Republican Women, and actively worked against the election of President Obama. Most recently she spoke at a White House Tea Party Protest alongside other Republican extremists. Rucker has the full-fledged support of the entire Fairfax County Republican Committee.

Samantha Vanterpool (Rucker) was a speaker at the White House Tea Party on April 25th [time mark in the video at 2:02-2:21]. The speakers at this event were:

  • Peter and Helen Evans, authors of Get Serious! Whoever said Christianity was Nice?
  • Franklin Raff, activist and executive producer of the G. Gordon Liddy Radio Show
  • Tito the Builder, leader of The Conservative Alliance / La Alianza Conservadora
  • Samantha Vanterpool, G.O.P. activist
  • Jim Parmelee , President of Republicans United for Tax Relief
  • Vellie Dietrich-Hall
  • Doc Thompson right-wing extremist talk radio host 1140 WRVA

[youtube id=”EKX-Oa_jt4o” w=”300″ h=”250″]