Voter Info


Voter Information for Fairfax County, Mason District


Voting is your fundamental right as an American, and the most basic means by which you have a voice in how your government works. By voting, you participate in a process that determines who will represent you, your family, and your neighbors in your community, your state, and your country.

Other ballot issues as they may arise, such as referendum, bonds, etc.

Questions about voter registration or to help with, or organize, a voter registration drive contact us.

As long as you show up at the polls ON TIME, you cannot be turned away without voting on the machines or by casting a provisional ballot. Be sure you are at your correct precinct location.

As of July 1, 2014, voters are required to present a photo ID when they come to vote. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Virginia driver’s licenses
  • DMV-issued ID cards
  • Valid U.S. passports
  • Valid employee photo ID cards
  • Virginia college student ID cards
  • Other government-issued photo ID cards.

If you do not have an ID, you will be able to vote a provisional ballot after you sign a statement confirming your identity (you must be in the correct precinct). For more information, you may call the office of Voter Registration at 703.324.4735.



November 4th, 6:00 am – 7:00 pm – GENERAL ELECTION DAY 2014 – 2022 Election Schedule by Office

  • OFFICE 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Offices (U.S.)
    President/Vice President X X
    Senate X X
    Senate X
    House of Representatives X X X X X
    Governor X X
    Lt. Governor X X
    Attorney General X X
    State Senate X X
    House of Delegates X X X X
    Board of Supervisors X X
    School Board X X
    Commonwealth’s Attorney X X
    Sheriff X X
    Clerk of the Court X
    Soil and Water Commission X X



All polling places will be open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Any eligible voter who is in line by 7:00 pm will be permitted to vote. Mason District is composed of 28 precincts (Baileys, Barcroft, Belvedere, Bren Mar, Bristow, Brook Hill, Camelot, Columbia, Edsall, Glen Forest, Holmes #1 and Holmes #2, Hummer, Lincolnia, Masonville, Parklawn, Plaza, Poe, Ravenwood, Ridgelea, Saint Albans 8/11, Skyline, Sleepy Hollow, Walnut Hill, Westlawn, Weyanoke, Willston).

• 11th District – black
• 8th District – blue
* St Albans is split between the 8th and the 11th.

Across these 26 precincts, Mason District is represented by two United States Congressional Districts (the 8th and 11th), three Virginia Senate Districts (the 34th, 35th and 37th), and four Virginia Delegate Districts (the 38th, 39th, 49th, and 53rd).



Sample ballots will be displayed as soon as they become available. 2017 is a Gubernatorial, Atty General, Lt Gov, and House of Delegates. In Mason District we are represented in the 11th Congressional District by Congressman Gerry Connolly. We are currently represented in the 8th Congressional District by Congressman Don Beyer.

Senator Mark Warner ran for re-election in 2014 and won. Senator Tim Kaine will be up for re-election in 2018.



  • Virginia has a General Election every year on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November
  • Federal offices are elected in even-numbered years
  • State and Local offices are elected in odd-numbered years
  • If primaries are called by the political parties, they are held on the second Tuesday in June



You may register to vote year-round except during the 21 days prior to a General or Primary election, 13 days prior to a Special election, or 6 days prior to a Special election called by the Governor (Code of Virginia §§ 24.2-416 – updated 1.1.2010).


Voter Registration Deadline


The final day of voter registration for the November 2nd General Election is Tuesday, October 12th, 2010. (If you are already registered at your current address, you do not have to register again.) In-person voter registration forms must be received in the Office of Election by 6 p.m. on October 12th, 2009. Mail-in registration applications must be postmarked on or before October 12th, 2009.


In Person Registration


  • M-F 8:00 am – 6:00 pm at the:
    • Fairfax County Office of Elections, Suite 323
      Fairfax County Governmental Center
      12000 Government Center Parkway
      Fairfax, VA 22035
      703.222.0776 phone

By Mail Registration


  • Pick up a Virginia Voter Registration Application at the following sites:
    • Public libraries
    • Department of Motor Vehicles offices
    • Military recruitment offices
    • Public assistance agency offices
    • District Governmental Centers
    • Board of Supervisors Offices
    • Citizen Information Desk in the County Government Center lobby
    • Judicial Center information desk
  • Mail the application to:
    • Fairfax County Office of Elections, Suite 323
      Fairfax County Governmental Center
      12000 Government Center Parkway
      Fairfax, VA 22035

PLEASE NOTE: Virginia law requires that those who register by mail, rather than in person, must vote in person the first time they vote.




By Mail


  • Fairfax County absentee ballot application (PDF), download or interactive (print and mail).
  • Tuesday, October 26 – absentee ballot application (mail or fax) deadline
  • Tuesday, November 2, 2010voted absentee ballot returned (mail only; all mailed absentee ballots MUST be received at the Office of Elections by the deadline in order to be counted)



In person absentee voting can done at any one of the eight locations: the Fairfax County Governmental Center and the district government centers at Franconia, Mason, McLean, Mount Vernon, North County, Sully, and West Springfield.


  • at the Fairfax County Office of Elections, Conference  Rooms 2/3
    Fairfax County Governmental Center
    12000 Government Center Parkway
    Fairfax Virginia, 22035

    • September 19 – October 10
      Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
      (Office closed on Monday, October 13, 2014, for Columbus Day)
    • October 14 – October 31
      Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • September 27, October 4, 11, 18, and 25 and November 1
      Saturdays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • at the Mason District Governmental Center
    6507 Columbia Pike
    Annandale, VA 22003

    • October 14 – October 31
      Monday-Friday, 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm
      Saturdays, September 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25 and nOV9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Election Day History
Why it is the day it is. Election Day (the day that United States citizens cast their ballot to elect government officials) is the Tuesday on or after November 2nd.


  • November was selected because the harvest work was done.
  • Tuesday was selected because many people had to travel the day before to reach the polling place. Since most people did not travel on Sunday for religious reasons, they did not want it to be on a Monday.
  • Election Day was not to fall on November 1st because it is All Saints Day.
  • Election Day was not to fall on the first of the month because many shop keepers did their books for the preceding month on the first.



  • Fairfax County Office of Elections
    • The Electoral Board and The General Registrar
      Fairfax County Governmental Center
      12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323
      Fairfax, VA 22035
      open for business weekdays, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Electoral Board, 703.324.4735, FAX: 703.324.4706
      General Registrar, 703.222.0776, FAX: 703.324.2205
  • Virginia State Board of Elections
    • Suite 101, 200 North 9th Street
      Richmond, VA 23219-3485
      804.864.8901 Toll Free: 800.552.9745 FAX: 804.371.0194


NO. PRECINCT US Congressional District VA Senate District VA Delegate District POLLING PLACE
501 Baileys 8 35 38/49 Baileys Community Center
4920 Summers Lane
Falls Church 22041
502 Barcroft 11 35 38 Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
3333 Sleepy Hollow Road
Falls Church 22044
503 Belvedere 11 37 38 Belvedere Elementary School
6540 Columbia Pike
Falls Church 22041
504 Bristow 11 37 38 Annandale Terrace Elementary
7604 Herald St
Annandale 22003
505 Glen Forest 8 35 49 Glen Forest Elementary School
5829 Glen Forest Dr
Falls Church 22041
506 Holmes 8/11 35 38 Baileys Elementary School
6111 Knollwood Dr
Falls Church 22041
507 Lincolnia 8 35 38 Green Springs Garden Park
4603 Green Spring Road
Alexandria 22312
508 Masonville 11 37 38 Mason Crest Elementary School
3705 Crest Drive
Annandale 22003
509 Plaza 8 35 49 Skyline Plaza
3703 S George Mason Dr
Falls Church 22041
510 Parklawn 8 35 38 Parklawn Elementary School
4116 Braddock Road
Alexandria 22312
511 Ravenwood 11 35 38 Stuart High School
3301 Peace Valley Lane
Falls Church 22044
512 Sleepy Hollow 11 35 38 Beech Tree Elementary School
3401 Beech Tree Lane
Falls Church 22042
513 Saint Albans 8/11 37 38 Parish Hall, Saint Albans Church
6800 Columbia Pike
Annandale 22003
515 Westlawn 8 35 38 Westlawn Elementary School
3200 Westley Road
Falls Church 22042
516 Weyanoke 8 35 38 Holmes Middle School
6525 Montrose Street
Alexandria 22312
517 Willston 8 35 49 Willston Instructional Center
6131 Willston Dr
Falls Church 22044
518 Columbia 11 37 38 Annandale Fire Station Co #8
7128 Columbia Pike
Annandale 22003
519 Hummer 11 37 38 Fred Packard Center
4030 Hummer Road
Annandale 22003
520 Skyline 8 35 49 Goodwin House Baileys Crossroads
3440 South Jefferson St
Falls Church 22041
521 Brook Hill 8 35 38 Poe Middle School
7000 Cindy Lane
Annandale 22003
522 Camelot 11 34 39/53 Camelot Elementary School
8100 Guinevere Dr
Annandale 22003
523 Poe 8 35 38 Thomas Jefferson High School
6560 Braddock Road
Alexandria 22312
525 Walnut Hill 8 35 53 Alan Leis Center
7423 Camp Alger Ave
Falls Church 22042
526 Bren Mar 8 35 39 Bren Mar Park Elementary School
6344 Beryl Rd
Alexandria 22312
527 Edsall 8 35 39 St John’s United Methodist Church
5312 Backlick Rd
Springfield 22151
528 Ridgelea 11 34 39 Bethlehem Lutheran Church
8922 Little River Turnpike
Fairfax 22031


As of July 1, 2013, political signs are no longer permitted on Fairfax County streets and roads.

  • Department of Planning and Zoning (
    Zoning Enforcement Branch
    12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 829
    Fairfax, VA 22035