Dark Money Is Coming for Our Children: Exposing the Right-Wing Agenda To Destroy Public Education

Fellow Democratic Committee members, (sponsored by the 11th CD)

The GOP is attacking public education as the spear tip for their war on democrats, and with the turmoil and resonance they are achieving, they will escalate these attacks through the 2024 presidential election.  Democrats must relentlessly fight back by exposing the real right-wing Republican agenda to destroy public education. The FCDC National Affairs Committee (NAC) is launching a counteroffensive with our Thursday, June 29, 7-9pm virtual Forum entitled: Dark Money Is Coming for Our Children: Exposing the Right-Wing Agenda To Destroy Public Education.

The Forum panel of nationally imminent experts will examine and expose the real right-wing, dark money-funded, Republican agenda to dismantle public education, divert public education funding to private education management, take over the multimillion-dollar education market for profit, evade school oversight and accountability, undermine and weaken teacher unions, and eliminate critical thinking and evidence-based curricula from America’s public schools.

Please help us promote and disseminate information about this crucial Forum and its message to your committees, organizational allies, and lists.  The registration link is below, and I have attached a flyer with a live registration link embedded, flyers to print for black & white and color, and a jpg flyer for social media requiring a separate link.

Register for the Forum Here:  https://www.mobilize.us/fairfaxdems/event/563273/

Thank you ahead for your support and  promotional help!



Sandra J. Klassen

FCDC National Affairs Chair

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