Mason Dems “Summertime Spin for a November Win”

Be cool! Buy your tickets and mark your calendar now

On September 10th (7:30-10pm), join your friends (or meet new ones) as we celebrate a past decade of peace, love and change.

We’ll  “Rock around the Clock” and promise the “Good Vibrations” of the 1960s  as we “Twist and Shout.”  You might even find some onion dip or Pigs in a Blanket. We promise dancing, conversation, light appetizers and adult beverages. We’ve even got a few 60s surprises for a raffle!

Tickets start at just $35 and will support our efforts this fall to elect Democrats.

Help us with our work and enjoy a great evening—outdoors—with friends.

1960s attire (tie dye, mini skirts, bell bottoms) is encouraged. (Finally, NOT cleaning out your closet is paying off.)

Rain date-September 11th. No refunds due to weather conditions.

We also need a few volunteers

  • Could you make a dip?
  • Or another 60s appetizer?
  • Can you help set up, clean up?

Please contact me at my email below for many more volunteer opportunities.

Rachel Rifkind
Chair, Mason District Democratic Committee

Click on the link for the Summertime Flyer MDDC …..or continue below for more information.

Mason District

Summertime Spin for a November Win

You’re Invited!! 

Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 7:30 pm

(Rain date is Sunday, September 11; no refunds due to inclement weather)

Join us for light refreshments and 60s music by the Lake.

Bring your dancing shoes to enjoy the music of the 60s and support our Mason election efforts this fall.

At the home of Holly Hazard & Rick Clayton, 6322 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, VA.

60’s Dress Encouraged-tie dye, bell bottoms, peace necklaces, etc!!!

YES, I will attend the Mason Summertime Spin

 _____$35 Rocker for Votes

_____$50-I’m a Believer

_____$100-It’s Now or Never (to Save our Democracy)

_____$250-Leader of the Pack

_____$500-Come Together

_____$1000-You can Pick Any Song You Want

Tickets will be held in name of purchaser at sign-in table.

For more information call Rachel Rifkind at 703-941-9574.


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